Sister’s Path

4219 9th Avenue South
Fargo, ND 58103

In June 2004, ShareHouse, Inc. in partnership with Fargo Housing Authority and Beyond Shelter, Inc. launched a program titled “Sister’s Path”. Sister’s Path is a permanent supportive housing project that provides chemical addiction treatment services to homeless, single parent families.

Sister’s Path provides stable, long term housing in addition to chemical dependency treatment programming. As parents enter Sister’s Path, they are reunited with their children with hope of a sober and clean life together as a family.

Levels of programming include:

Spirit Program – (ASAM Level III.5)
This Residential Treatment program, which includes residential stay, is a structured daily schedule that offers 30 hours of individualized treatment programming and involvement in twelve step recovery groups. A variety of groups are offered to provide a holistic approach to recovery including: dual diagnosis, life management, cognitive restructuring, spiritual healing, living skills, gender group, and parenting and wellness groups.

The individual that participates in the Residential Treatment Program will commit to a minimum 28 day stay and will only leave the facility with staff. Individualized treatment plans are developed to address goals and objectives to support the client’s recovery.

Halfway House (ASAM Level III.I)
This 24 hour staffed residential facility includes a weekly schedule of five hours of programming and provides daily therapeutic community meetings, random BA’s and UA’s in a structured living environment. A variety of groups are available to individualize a client’s recovery goals.

Relapse Prevention Group – (ASAM Level II.1)
This is a six week (18 session) program with the goal “To build an effective plan and skills to prevent relapse by identifying, analyzing, and learning to manage relapse triggers.” Individuals who have experienced multiple treatment episodes will benefit from this program.

Intensive Outpatient – (ASAM Level II.1)
In this 24 session program, individuals will learn how to live their lives without using alcohol or drugs by learning new coping skills in recovery. Clients will develop a personal recovery plan and also learn about personal relapse triggers. Clients will complete chemical dependency assignments, attend AA/NA twice a week and obtain a sponsor. **Low intensity outpatient group meets with this group. Clients come three nights a week for three hours for a total of 30 hours of programming.

Family Programming
Family Programming consists of group, individual and family sessions. Group therapy for the parent focuses on parenting issues which may include but not limited to: attachment, discipline strategies, developmental issues, nutrition, family systems, FAS/FAE, childhood depression, ADHD, sibling issues and cultural influences. Group therapy will also be offered to school age children who have been raised in addictive homes.

Individual and family sessions assess the needs of the parents and children. Addressing behavioral concerns, parenting strategies, bedtime routines and setting limits are just a few topics that are addressed in both individual and family sessions.

Continuing care – (ASAM Level I)
The Continuing Care group at Sister’s Path provides a less intensive level of treatment service which meets once weekly. This is a gender specific group, consisting of the women residents of Sister’s Path. The purpose of the group is to provide ongoing therapeutic treatment services to women in various phases of recovery. The goal is to facilitate growth and commitment to the recovery process specific to women with children.

The women attend weekly AA/NA or Al-Anon meetings as well as ongoing sponsor contact.

WE – Women’s Empowerment
This group uses the psycho-educational and cognitive-behavioral techniques developed by Dr. Stephanie S. Covington and focuses on a strength based approach for women experiencing childhood abuse, rape, battering, and other forms of interpersonal violence. This closed group meets twice a week for 1.5 hours for 6 weeks with concurrent individual sessions.

Grief Recovery Group
This group is designed to help individuals confront unresolved, painful loss/grief issues while in treatment. Participants are referred by counselors and depending on a resident’s schedule or situation, the courses are offered either for group setting or individual sessions. The group runs 1.5 hours in length, twice each week, for a period of 6 weeks, and the individual sessions are one hour per week, for twelve weeks.