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We can help!
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Recovery is Possible!
Stop the Cycle of Addiction.
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Ready for a change?

Call today to book an evaluation.
(701) 282-6561 or (877) 294-6561


An evaluation is a confidential conversation with a Licensed Addiction Counselor. The goal of this 2-3 hour talk is to develop an understanding of your history, your hopes for the future, and how ShareHouse can help.

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ShareHouse Mission

The Mission of ShareHouse is to provide personalized addiction recovery services for individuals, families and the community.


Recovery is possible

Values – Foundation of our Future:

Care:  Dignity will be promoted through respectful, compassionate, and personalized addiction treatment services and education.

Compassionate Staff: Dedicated, compassionate team providing guidance and instilling hope for the client.

Commitment to Excellence: Dedicated to use evidence-based practices ensuring integrity, quality and clinical fidelity.

Culture: Respect and honor the diversity of the staff, clients, family, and community.

Sustainable: Provide leadership across financial and nonfinancial resources to manage the risks and opportunities associated with economic, environmental and social developments.

Ask a Professional

If you have questions about alcohol or drug abuse for you or someone you care about, please contact one of our counselors for help. You will receive a response within the hour.

Ask a Professional

701-282-6561 or 1-877-294-6561


Save the Date

ShareHouse Annual Workshop on Friday, March 1, 2019, Delta By Marriott in Fargo.

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