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The New Season Begins

By September 16, 2019News

Summer has left us and a new season begins. Back to school, home projects and possibly self- reflection. Is it time to look at an ongoing problem? Since 1975, ShareHouse has been a leading provider of substance use and mental health services in the Upper Midwest. Our mission is to provide the best care based on Patient needs. The industry calls it “evidenced based care”, in regular language, our programming is backed by research and yields great results.  ShareHouse offers all levels of care including Residential, Outpatient, Day Treatment Programs and Recovery Living for up to a six-month period. Individuals, families and referral sources say we’re the best in the industry!

A typical day at ShareHouse starts with an inviting breakfast (you know…the meal before noon) served by a dedicated and Food Services Team. Patients will feel like students again…participating in programming from 8AM to 3PM. Optional specialty classes, mental health services and peer support services are available in the afternoon. We ask all Patients to participate in community support meetings such as AA, NA or Smart Recovery. ShareHouse emphasizes a holistic approach by offering a wellness room and spiritual care on site.  A little nightly socialization, a good nights’ sleep and back at it for another day.

All services at ShareHouse start with a chemical use assessment, also known as and referred to as an evaluation. We provide a convenient walk-in evaluation opportunity every Tuesday. The assessments start at 8AM and is first come, first serve, no appointment needed. We also provide same day scheduling Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, by simply calling 701-478-8440, and again, we recommend calling right away in the morning to schedule, as these appointments fill up quickly. The evaluation will be conducted by a licensed addition counselor (LAC) and our nursing team will review any physical health needs and screen for detoxification issues at that time. We have a mental health professional on site for further assistance if needed. Finally, let the ShareHouse billing team handle all the insurance /payment details. One big team.

ShareHouse provides a large variety of services to assist in attempts to cover all of our Patient’s individual needs for structure, education, and support.  Individuals can attend evening or daytime treatment hours to best accommodate around personal schedules.  We also offer various levels of residential support and supportive housing to accompany programming options.  Patients collaborate with a counselor during the assessment to identify treatment needs and scheduling options.  All levels of care encompass issues related to substance abuse, mental health, physical health/nursing, and social work.

Imagine entering an updated furnished apartment-similar to a hotel suite, complete with a kitchen, nice living area, surrounded by a few folks sharing a common goal-getting manageability and quality back in their life, through recovery. It feels more like home than a traditional treatment center! ShareHouse offers many levels of care including residential, outpatient care and Recovery Living up to 6 months. Spending longer time in treatment can positively impact outcomes greatly.  We also provide peer support services for increased accountability and support following treatment. Their ongoing contact is invaluable. The minute a person walks through our front door, they will notice the ShareHouse difference.