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New Year Reflections

By January 9, 2020News

The New Year holiday is a natural time for reflection. People take personal inventory of successes they’ve had throughout the year and areas needing improvement. The annual resolution, that usually lasts under 30 days, is alive and well! For people struggling with substance abuse issues, this time of year can be one more holiday ruined by their ruse, subsequent behavior and negative consequences. They too, can identity a resolution to quit drinking or not to use drugs, but rarely is it achieved without proper clinical diagnosis, professional treatment and ongoing family and community support.

Through the years, I have heard many Patients recalling their holiday memories. At times, this can be very painful to recall, especially if there was excessive use of alcohol and drugs in the home. Various abuse, child protective services and law enforcement may be included in those past holidays. We, at ShareHouse, have had Patients request to stay back at the treatment facility to avoid a repeat of those incidents.

Additionally, untreated mental health symptoms can increase over the holiday in part due to stress, the stress of producing that “made for TV holiday.” Self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, food, sex and other risky behaviors can greatly increase family conflict/holiday conflict.

Any time of year is a good time to make a tough but great decision to get help. We have many people calling for the first time in January, wanting to “start the year out right.” We also have people calling for readmission, maybe for the second or third time. I call them a “tune up.” Rarely is a new skill mastered to competency the first time around. These folks are consumed with feelings of embarrassment, guilt, shame and anger. There is no place for judgment, only support and a plan of action.

Motivation for treatment can change between the first, second or third time. Legal issues, employment problems and family/marital discord can all be initial reasons. It is our wish, that you enter treatment for yourself and your desire for a better life.

ShareHouse offers a Patient-focused approach to treatment, not a one size fits all. We take great pride in our programming and auxiliary services. Strong people make the decision to enter treatment and change their life.

I really do hope it’s a “Happy New Year,” – Cindy