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ShareHouse COVID-19 Update

By June 11, 2020March 2nd, 2021News
The last three months have been a challenging time for ShareHouse and our patients due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  As our region begins to reopen and risk levels have decreased, ShareHouse has made the decision to carefully lift restrictions for our patients.  Starting June 11th, ShareHouse will begin to allow visitation with additional precautionary measures in place.  Additionally restriction lifting for our Recovery Living patients will begin to happen with increased therapeutic free time for employment activities, exercise, external NA/AA meetings, and family interaction. ShareHouse will continue to employ numerous measures to help with the safety of our patients including mask use, extensive cleaning, social distancing, temperature checks, and other exposure screening tools.
ShareHouse will have limited visitation hours per day with mask use required.  Visitation rooms have been established, however outside visitation is also being encouraged due to our good weather.  Visitation will occur in 45 minute timeframes with a 15 minute timeframe for cleaning afterwards.  In addition, all visitors will be screened upon arrival and no bags will be allowed to be brought onsite.

Recreation Time

Recreational passes for exercise, shopping, and groceries have been increased.  Due to our partnership with the YMCA of Cass-Clay, patients can utilize ShareHouse transportation services to go exercise at their facilities.  In addition, passes to go to neighborhood grocery stores (Hornbachers, Aldi, Target, and WalMart) are available, as well as passes to obtain personal items from other stores.  

External AA/NA Meetings
ShareHouse has started to allow Patients to attend external AA/NA meetings which have exhibited social distancing and other precautionary measures.  A list of approved meetings can be found at the front desk.

Internal Opportunities
ShareHouse continues to improve internal offerings for patient use, including the addition of an Arts & Crafts Room, Video Gaming Room, and Wellness/Exercise Room.

Ultimately our mission is about flattening the curve of alcohol and drug related deaths, but we want to do our part in flattening the curve of COVID-19.