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Did You Know ShareHouse Provides Onsite Social Detox?

By October 19, 2020February 4th, 2021News

Often known as Social Detox, ShareHouse is licensed to provide Managed Residential Withdrawal Management (ASAM 3.2 level of care).  This level of care is provides detoxification in an organized residential, nonmedical setting delivered by appropriately trained staff who provide safe, 24-hour monitoring, observation, and support in a supervised environment for a Patient to achieve initial recovery from the effects of alcohol or another drug.

This level of care is appropriate for individuals where;

• Recovery environment is not supportive of withdrawal management and entry into treatment, and the Patient does not have sufficient coping skills to safely deal with the problems in the recovery environment.

• Patient has a recent history of withdrawal management at less intensive levels of service that is marked by inability to complete withdrawal management or to enter into continuing addiction treatment, and the Patient continues to have insufficient skills to complete withdrawal management.

• Patient has demonstrated an inability to complete withdrawal management at a less intensive level of service, as manifested by continued use of other-than-prescribed drugs or other mind-altering substances.

With care provided by the ShareHouse Nursing Team, social detox is provided through the use of patient monitoring, nutrition/hydration, sleep monitoring, and/or use of over the counter medications for symptom management. For more information, please contact the ShareHouse

Admissions at 877-294-6561 or or