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Why Should I Give on Giving Hearts Day?

By January 27, 2021February 4th, 2021News, Popular

Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour fundraising event for charities in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota and will be celebrated this year on Thursday, February 11th. Since the first event in 2008, over $90 million has been raised for local charities by generous donors, and this year ShareHouse is once again asking members of the community to join in on this special day of giving.

For over 40 years, ShareHouse has served individuals and their families who are challenged by substance abuse and/or mental health disorders. Our main priority is to help members of our community begin and continue a successful path to recovery. Our staff of qualified professionals meets one-on-one with Patients to determine the appropriate care and develop a personalized treatment plan. We understand that addiction is a chronic disease affecting individuals and their families worldwide, and we want to encourage people to be a part of the changing narrative surrounding substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Why should you give to ShareHouse on Giving Hearts Day? You could make a positive and life-changing impact for someone who really needs it. Your donations on Giving Hearts Day will help to support our Walk-In Clinic and Substance Use Disorders (SUD) Assessment Services. The first step to recovery is reaching out for help, and our Walk-In Clinic is designed to make getting that help easy through no appointment necessary evaluations and telehealth services. Because of you, someone will take that important first step to recovery. Every $100 raised will equal one assessment for someone in need, and for 24 hours, donations will be generously matched up to $17,000 by Valley Imports and other generous community supporters! Special thanks to our matching sponsor, Valley Imports!

Make a difference in your community and give to a local charity on Giving Hearts Day, Thursday, February 11th. Find your role in the wave of giving that is flooding the region. Give wholeheartedly this Giving Hearts Day. Every act of generosity counts.

To make a donation to ShareHouse on Giving Hearts Day visit and learn more about ShareHouse on our website at