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The ShareHouse Experience

By February 25, 2021News

ShareHouse is seen as the Upper Midwest’s leader in SUD services and our patient experience must follow suit. The ShareHouse experience is a reflection of the four points of our medallion and rooted in courtesy, understanding, attentiveness, and teamwork. Given the variety of interactions our patients have on a daily baisis, we must live this model or risk negatively affecting clinical outcomes and the perception of ShareHouse in the community.

Courtesy First

We great, thank, and help every patient every time. We are known as the most courteous provider in the region.

One Team

Whether your teammate works in a different building or they are a referral source, we are all one team and treat each as partners and friends.


We are always prepared to help. We are at the front desk with a smile and quickly help where needed. Helping patients is our mission.


Our patients have been through a lot. Keep this mind when you think about your interactions. Seek understanding and honor how they choose for help.