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Mental Health Awareness Month: Recovery Is Possible

By May 21, 2021August 8th, 2022News

In May we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month!  In America, 1 in 4 adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder every year – You are not alone!  Here at ShareHouse, we are the #1 treatment facility in the region, and we want to show you that recovery is possible! 

Our mental health team provides services for co-occurring disorders at all levels of care. Our mental health services that are not related to substance use disorders are done on an outpatient only basis. If a higher level of care is determined to be appropriate, we assist in coordinating that within the community. ShareHouse is known and trusted in the community as providing quality treatment for substance use disorders and all mental health evaluations include a screening for substance use concerns. However, many people don’t realize we are still able to provide mental health services even if substance use is not a concern for you.

If you are struggling and seeking help, the first step is to give us a call!  ShareHouse mental health services are scheduled through our outpatient clinic (701.478.8440). You will be asked a few basic questions about your current concerns and the kind of services you are looking for. Once we find a time for you to come into our facility, we will perform an initial evaluation process. An initial mental health evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of your current needs. We will focus on the concern that brought you in for services but also complete a thorough screening for the full spectrum of mental health disorders.

During Mental Health Awareness Month, ShareHouse urges you to be conscious of yourself, and also those around you! Here are some ways you can observe this special month:

  1. Take care of yourself: Balance is essential to caring for our mental health. Look for ways to balance work with leisure time. Set a goal to have both time alone and time engaging with family and friends in your daily routine. Being willing to commit to fewer responsibilities is often necessary in the pursuit of balance.
  2. Take care of your loved ones: People benefit greatly from simply being listened to. Take time to be a kind, patient listener. It is ok to not understand or feel able to relate to someone’s experience. Just listen.
  3. Talk about mental health: Sharing your mental health experiences with others increases the likelihood others will feel comfortable doing the same. The stigma surrounding mental health treatment is decreasing and will continue to do so if we all just keep talking!

ShareHouse wants to be your resource for mental health and addiction recovery.  This month, and every month, we urge you to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Think about your anxiety and depression symptoms in the same way you do your physical health symptoms. For example, if you have a fever you rest to allow your body to fight an infection. If you notice increased depression or anxiety symptoms take that as a message to attend to your personal needs. This might mean taking some time off, seeking out friends and family for support, or seeing a mental health professional.

To learn more about ShareHouse’s Mental Health services, visit our website at or call our outpatient clinic at 701.478.8440!