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43 Seconds – Recovery Month

By September 7, 2021September 21st, 2021News

It takes 43 seconds to go in the elevator from the first floor to the third floor at ShareHouse. That might seem like an odd fact but almost every day I get an opportunity to spend 43 seconds with someone who it might be their first day in treatment or their third time this year, and each time they always mention how slow the elevator is. My response used to be “Oh, I know it is the worst!” but one day a patient said to me “Maybe like they said in group today, this is a moment to reflect and breath and think about something good that happened today.”

The 2021 National Recovery Month theme for this September, Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community,” reminds people in recovery and those who support them that no one is alone in the journey through recovery. Everyone’s journey is different, but we are all in this together, slow elevator and all!  

I think this year’s theme fits perfectly with our mission here at ShareHouse, to provide personalized recovery services to individuals, families, and the community. Our Treatment University includes residential stay and an assigned number of hours per week of programming. Patients have a daily structured schedule that offers individualized treatment programming and involvement in Twelve Step recovery groups. Each patient’s treatment program is developed to specifically meet their needs. A variety of groups are available to individualize a Patient’s recovery goals. Because, like that slow elevator ride, each person is going to enter with a different view on how to spend that moment.

Today I want you to take 43 seconds to stop and breath and think about your good moment. And always remember, recovery is possible!

You can support ShareHouse this Recovery Month a few awesome ways!

Donate online at Donate – ShareHouse or mail a gift to ShareHouse Foundation, 4227 9th Ave. S., Fargo, ND 58103

Purchase a Bonfire sweatshirt, t-shirt, or long sleeve and a portion of the proceeds will go towards our Recovery Coaches!

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Thank you,

Brittney Hogan


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