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ShareHouse Plant Fest

By May 12, 2022Events, News

May is mental health awareness month, so we want to take some time to dig into some ways you can prioritize your mental health. Although mental health isn’t always visible, it is a widespread issue that many are struggling with. There are no textbook cases of mental illness, everyone experiences and copes with it differently.

According to the CDC, poor mental health can negatively affect employee…

  • Performance and productivity
  • Work engagement
  • Communication with other employees
  • Daily functioning

And sadly, that’s only the beginning.

In order to show our support to those struggling and raise awareness for the importance of employee mental health, we hosted a ShareHouse Employee Plant Fest on Tuesday, May 10th.

How can YOU help those you work with to their mental health?

  • Offer support and an attentive ear
  • Encourage those struggling to seek help
  • Respond with empathy
  • Find a creative outlet for pent up energy

One of our favorite ways to relieve some stress is by planting houseplants! We had plant curious and plant pros in attendance!

Your mental health matters!