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Avoiding the Winter Blues

By December 1, 2022News

This time of the year can be tough. When the sun feels like it hardly ever shines, it’s easy for seasonal depression to take hold. On top of that, being cooped up all winter to avoid the cold makes a person feel lonely and isolated. But battling these thoughts is a fight that should never be fought alone.

Acknowledging you need help and reaching out to someone is often the first and most difficult step, but it is also the most important. Reaching out and getting the help you need will be one of the most important decisions in your life. But the next step after that is knowing what kind of care will benefit you the most.

Fortunately, we offer a variety of levels of care at ShareHouse to help individuals get started on their mental health journey. Side note: you do not have to be in residential care to use these resources. They include:

  • Mental Health Diagnostic Assessments
  • Individual Therapy
  • Psychological Testing

ShareHouse also provides Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for community members experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This is available to our patients using either residential or outpatient care. MAT takes away withdrawal symptoms like pain. It also relieves drug cravings by using buprenorphine, naloxone, suboxone, an abuse, or sometimes combinations of these medications.

Seasonal depression hits hard during the winter months. But these resources can help. Sometimes, individuals might think they don’t need therapy or counseling because the depression affects them only 4-5 months out of the year. But we at ShareHouse are here to tell you that is not the case. There is no shame in seeking help for seasonal depression. It’s admirable.

With everyone’s recovery journey looking different, we strive to have numerous levels of care offered. If you are, or know someone who is looking for these resources, reach out to us today. Recovery is possible!