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Meet Our New Foundation Director

By December 30, 2022News

Meet our new Foundation Director- Julie Rivenes! She started at ShareHouse in December and is already an asset to the team. She has a huge heart for others, and we are so excited to have her on our team as we enter the new year!

Below is a short interview with Julie so you can learn more about her, and what her goals are at ShareHouse.

What experiences have you had that led you to join ShareHouse?

Whether it be a friend, a family member or a neighbor, everyone knows of someone that has struggled with mental health and/or addiction. I personally have family members going through their road to recovery. I experienced firsthand how addiction and mental illness can devastate families and friends.
While working as a social worker in the Fargo/Moorhead area, I encountered numerous people wrestling with their own addictions and mental health disorders. It gave me a better understanding of what our patients are going through and how difficult it can be.
One of my career opportunities allowed me to wear several hats in which I was able to raise public awareness, obtain fundraising goals and distribute some of the funds to those in need.

      What made you want to take on the task of becoming the new Foundation Director?

      The mission of ShareHouse is really close to my heart. I am excited to spread more awareness to the community about how ShareHouse continues to help so many people on their journey to recovery.

      What is your favorite thing about ShareHouse so far?

      Without question, the people. Everyone that I have encountered at ShareHouse is phenomenal.  You can tell that the employees really care about the mission of ShareHouse and the people that we serve.

      What are some goals you’d like to accomplish while working for ShareHouse?

      While obtaining a broader community presence, I would like to engage in corporate sponsorships, recruit additional ShareHouse Foundation Board members from various backgrounds and increase fundraising events with an emphasis on a capital campaign.

      What does it mean to you to help people on their road to recovery?

      It means walking alongside people while they go on their personal path to recovery. It means showing compassion, giving support and reassuring people that we are here for them and that they are not alone on their journey.