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An Interview with Marissa Houston, RN

An interview with Marissa Houston, a nurse at ShareHouse, during National Nurses month.

  1. What made you get into nursing?

I wanted to be in the healthcare field in some capacity, but unsure exactly what this meant for me. During my work as a nurse’s aide, I encountered various members of the healthcare team; I learned the values of a nurse paralleled my own.   

  • Why did you choose ShareHouse?

My experience prior to ShareHouse included a medical-detox unit, an inpatient psychiatric center, and the local community health center. These areas exposed me to the complexity of addiction. When one of ShareHouse’s providers informed me the facility was searching for a nurse, I knew it was an opportunity to serve this population in a therapeutic space.  

  • What are some things about nursing that people might not expect?

It may be unexpected just how versatile a nursing career can be. A nurse is not limited to one line of work – many become teachers, advanced practice providers, or administrators.

  • Why do you celebrate National Nurses month?

I have met countless men and women who truly embody what it means to be a nurse. This month is a time to reflect on their achievements and feel pride in working alongside them.  

  • What are some challenges with being a nurse?

A challenge I believe many nurses can relate to is the emotional weight one often carries. It is important for nurses to check in with themselves and one another often.

  • What are your favorite things about nursing?

The aspect that surprised me most about the profession happens to be my favorite – versatility! One can never stop growing and learning as a nurse.