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How to Stay Sober for the 4th of July

By June 21, 2023June 26th, 2023Blog, News

With Independence Day fast approaching, your friends and family might be planning a barbecue, a bonfire, or a day on the lake. While these are all fun activities, you know it comes with a laundry list of potential issues. What most see as a fun day with friends, you see as a risk to your sobriety.

It’s important that you stick on your path to recovery, especially during the holidays. And while some of your friends might be interested in drinking or using during the Fourth of July, there are other ways you can have fun while maintaining sobriety.

#1: Bring Your Own Non-Alcoholic Beverages

We get it. Being the only one at a party without a drink in your hand makes you feel a little out of place. But having even one beer at a get together negates your sobriety. That’s why bringing your own non-alcoholic beverage is a game changer. Whether it’s a fun soda, a flavored sparkling water, or non-alcoholic punch, just make sure it’s something that you will want to drink so you don’t feel like you are missing out.  You’re staying on your path to recovery by bringing your own drink.

#2: Host a Sober Get Together

One of the easier ways to stay sober is to host the party yourself. This way, you can be sure there will be no alcohol or drugs at the get together. For example, you can host a sober barbecue with sodas in the cooler, instead of drinks.

#3: Have an Exit Strategy

It’s always a good idea to have an exit strategy, should things get too high risk for you. If you’re at a party that is getting out of hand, or there’s simply too much temptation around, having an exit strategy is crucial. Make sure to have an excuse to leave early like, “I need to go home to feed my dog”, or “I have to get up early tomorrow morning”. Make sure to plan ahead this way, you can leave when you need to, ensuring you won’t go down the wrong path.

#4: Call a Friend

If you’re at a party that is getting to be too much for you, and you don’t necessarily have an easy way out, call a trusted friend. This can be someone from a recovery meeting, a sponsor, or another supportive person in your life. Always keep your phone on you at these parties and make sure to call someone if you need help or encouragement.

#5: Bring a Sober Friend

One way to stay sober is to bring an accountability partner. Having a friend that has also agreed to avoid alcohol or drugs with you is a good person to stick around during the holiday celebrations. When you’re watching out for each other, you can enjoy the get togethers because you know someone else is in the same boat as you.

These are just 5 of many ways to stay sober during the Fourth of July. This is a tough time for many on their road to recovery as there are many opportunities to use or drink during these parties. But staying on your path is ultimately the best decision you can make.

With these ideas in mind, you can stay focused on your health. Recovery is Possible!