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Recovery Is Possible

About ShareHouse

President's Welcome

In the early 1970’s, a small group of Fargo-Moorhead citizens saw an ever-growing need for a halfway house in their community. At that time, North Dakota ranked at the bottom of the list for Intermediate Care Facilities for individuals with substance use disorder. So, on June 23rd, 1975, ShareHouse Inc. was born; North Dakota’s first public halfway house. At that time, there were only 6 beds available. With the growing presence of patients seeking recovery services, ShareHouse eventually needed a larger space. In 1989, ShareHouse moved to an apartment complex and then later expanded with the addition of another residential facility.

Since its conception, ShareHouse has continued to expand. ShareHouse is now offering individualized residential care in Grand Forks, ND while continuing to operate at its main location in Fargo. Between the two facilities, there are 103 beds to serve patients. Over the years, ShareHouse has also expanded its recovery services, to continue providing the most comprehensive individualized care possible. It is now offering a walk-in assessment clinic, individualized outpatient care, mental health services, supportive housing, public housing, and more. Today, ShareHouse is one of the longest-running treatment centers in the region and is one of the most respected and trusted dual diagnosis treatment programs in the upper Midwest.



Recovery is Possible



To be the leader in destroying the legacy of addiction.



Compassion, Connection, Integrity

ShareHouse Logo

Green is the color of balance and growth; of renewal and rebirth. The cross is indicative of not only medically proven care but spiritual care as well.
From a color psychology perspective, Purple & Violet promote harmony of the mind and emotions, contributing to mental balance and stability.
Service to humanity is one of the strengths of the color Indigo. Powerful and dignified, indigo conveys integrity and deep sincerity.
The crossroads indicate the many directions and journeys that we are all on.

The ShareHouse Experience

Courtesy First

We greet, thank, and help every patient, every time. We are known as the most courteous provider in the region.

One Team

Whether your teammate works in a different building or they are a referral source, we are all one team and treat each as partners and friends.


We are always prepared to help. We are at the front desk with a smile and quickly help where needed. Helping patients is our mission.


Our patients have been through a lot. We keep this in mind with all interactions. Seek understanding and honor how they chose you for help.