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Fee Schedule (7/16)

Chemical Dependency Evaluation
$100 per evaluation


Outpatient Services

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Group $275/session (3 hours)
Partial Hospitalization (PHP) Group $550/session (4 hours)
Recovery Enhancement Group (REG) $270/session (3 hours)
Continuing Care (CC) Group $90/session (1 hour)
Prime for Life 16 hour (DUI) Seminar $125/seminar
Low-Intensity Outpatient (LIOP) Group  $270/session (3 hours)
Individual Session $100/session (1 hour)


Mental Health Services

Mental Health Evaluation $250/evaluation
Individual Therapy $200/hour
Group Therapy $100/hour
IQ / Memory Testing $300/test
Personality / Attention Testing $130/test


Residential Services (Residential Component)

Residential Services include 24 hour staffing, 3 meals per day, and a shared, furnished apartment in a safe, sober, secure building. Residential Services are used in conjunction with the Residential Chemical Dependency Treatment options below.


Residential Chemical Dependency Treatment Services (Treatment Component)

Residential Chemical Dependency Treatment Services includes access to an individualized chemical dependency treatment experience based on the individual’s needs. Our addiction treatment mall has many groups available to help address addiction issues and other living skills concerns to help move towards healthy living.

Residential Component Treatment Component Total
Low Level/ASAM level 3.1 $200 $250 $450/day
Medium Level/ASAM level 2.5 $200 $450 $650/day
High Level/ASAM level 3.5 $200 $700 $900/day