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Annual Report


With the books officially closed for 2023 the ShareHouse team wants to start by sharing our gratitude toward our clients, team members, donors, and referral partners. The work we do can be extremely challenging and even more rewarding. The incentive for us is knowing every person served has the potential to reach their highest dream and beyond.

This year brought challenges with several changes to the Leadership Team, including the CEO role. These adjustments to the Leadership Team have been equilibrized by filling open roles with veteran candidates to that specific role – and in several cases, they have years of experience working at ShareHouse. Throughout these modifications, clinical and non-clinical services have continued to thrive.

A couple of our many marked accomplishments this past year consist of completing 1,426 assessments and well over 120,000 client interactions. Our clinical services have continued to provide a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on improving quality and remaining flexible to ever-changing community needs. It is for this reason we have doubled our capacity to see people for medication-assisted services.

Non-clinical services have continued to help grow ShareHouse with charitable gaming and the Foundation through grants and generous donors. Donations of all sizes make a direct impact on our client’s experience at ShareHouse. Larger contributions go to maintaining up-to-date facilities and smaller donations go directly to clients by way of supporting them in gaining employment, basic personal care products, medications, and sober fun activities.

The future of ShareHouse is brighter than ever. We are excited to continue our growth into the new year by focusing on our strategic plan. New projects will consist of expanding our residential services in the region, providing local communities with more stand-alone mental health options, and diving deeper into telehealth to bring outpatient services to rural communities. One challenge ShareHouse is actively working through is workforce development. We will be working with local community partners to help bolster the substance use disorder workforce. We know by doing our part, the work we commit to will benefit the region.

Expressing all our accomplishments and goals brings our thoughts back to how honored we are at ShareHouse to have the opportunity to touch the lives of so many people. We are humbled to have so many supportive partners in the region and look forward to the work we will do, together, in the new year.

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