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Annual Report


As we close the books on the last twelve months, we want to start by saying thank you to every patient, employee, donor, and referring partner. Working in a mission driven industry is not easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding to work with individuals who come together for a greater cause.

From a clinical standpoint, the past year came with no shortage of challenges. With the ongoing pandemic we saw a variety of moving parts with infectious disease management, an increase in demand for services, and an increase in acuity. Though these challenges can be difficult it was inspiring to watch our teams roll up their sleeves and work through complex issues. A few of our many highlights from the last twelve included 1,339 total assessments/screens completed, Residential Length of Stay (LOS) averaged 35.7 days, and combined Outpatient SUD/Mental Health Sessions of 5,190. The totality of these clinical efforts resulted in over 120,000 patient interactions for the year.

With out non-patient operations, we’ve seen exponential growth by the Charitable Gaming Team and a significant increase in grants by the Foundation. Charitable Gaming highlights have been spurred by public policy and operational growth, while the Foundation was able to receive significant support from the Otto Bremer and Medica Foundations.

As we look to the next twelve months we are excited for the abundance of opportunities ahead and are working diligently to outpace the challenges we face. ShareHouse Grand Forks presents us with the real opportunity to serve another region, as well as a new clinical team who will help push us to the next level. We are also in the process of finalizing an agreement to acquire a permanent supportive housing facility with 27 beds, while also adding our own M Clinic. In addition to clinical growth we are actively working to improve benefits and compensation to better support our teams. Two good examples of this are improved shift differentials, as well as the development of a tuition reimbursement program.

In closing, I want to say thank you once again for a great year. ShareHouse is seen as a leader in SUD services in the Upper Midwest. With our reputation comes the need to ensure we always fulfull our mission. It is a privilege to know we have dedicated team members and supports who are committed to our mission each and every day.


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