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Emergency COVID Substance Use Disorder Services

Recovery Is Possible

ShareHouse Offers Emergency Substance Use Disorder Services

FARGO, ND (SEPTEMBER 4, 2020) ShareHouse is now offering their Walk-In services every weekday.  Click here to see our updated clinic hours. We do not require an appointment. During the time of visit, individuals will work with a clinician to complete a Substance Use Disorder assessment.

ShareHouse now provides Emergency Substance Use Disorder Services as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. ShareHouse understands the importance and shortage of services across the state and strives to be the resource and access point for recovery. With that being said, ShareHouse has implemented Virtual Telehealth Services to allow individuals, from outside the area, an initial assessment resulting in a successful treatment plan.

ShareHouse is partnering with the ND Dept. of Human Services Behavioral Health Division to provide Emergency SUD Services for those in need of help with Recovery as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.