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The following funds can be designated by donors.

ShareHouse General Fund – Funds will be used for the area of greatest need

Helping Hand Fund – Grants up to $350 are made to address an urgent need in a clients’ life that serves as a barrier to their recovery journey while in our care. The requests come from the professional staff.

Endowment An endowment refers to gifts that are designated to be invested and not spent. The earnings of the endowment is used for serving the mission. ShareHouse has two endowments:

  • The Eagle Fund is an endowment for the future needs of ShareHouse.
  • A named endowment can be made by a donor giving $10,000. The donor can name the endowment to honor the individual or business they choose and they choose the purpose for the earnings of the endowment. The $10,000 may be paid over a three year period if requested.