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Ways to


Recovery is Possible

Every gift you make, large or small, helps those fighting the disorder of alcoholism or drug addiction. Your gift will have an impact on their lives. You can give the gift of recovery.

Give Online


Give by Check

Write Check to...

Please make the check payable to ShareHouse Foundation and mail it to ShareHouse Foundation, 4227 9th Ave. South, Fargo, ND 58103. If you have a specific designation for the gift, please include specific fund information or if appropriate, tribute information. Please call 701-373-8670 with any questions.

Give by Phone

Call Us: 701-478-9518

Make a Pledge

Call Us: 701-478-9518

Give A Memorial
or Tribute Gift

Honor someone...

If you would like to honor someone or some event with your gift, simply notify us of who you would like to honor or memorialize. Please include their address as we will send them a notification of your tribute. We will not share the amount of the gift. Memorials and tribute gifts are a thoughtful and impactful option for honoring an individual.

Give a
Recurring Gift

Start a Regular Contribution

Through regular and consistent contributions, your gift allows you to make a larger impact than you might have initially thought possible. You can set up your credit card to be charged a certain amount at a frequency of your choosing. Gifts of all sizes make a difference!

Matching Gifts

Donate Through Your Employer

Your gift may be increased through your employer with corporate matching gifts. Various parent companies and subsidiaries currently match employees’ gifts to nonprofit organizations. Many also match gifts for retired employees and spouses. Matching gifts will be credited to the employees giving history. Please notify us if you have this option.