What To Bring


Please no more than two suitcases when checking in. Additional items will be sent home with your family and friends.

Personal Grooming Items

  • No mouthwash containing alcohol. Please check the label and if one of the first three ingredients is alcohol, we will confiscate it until discharge.
  • No products in aerosol cans, such as hair spray.
  • No perfumes, scented body sprays, etc. ShareHouse facilities are fragrance free.


  • No alcohol or drug related logos on hats or clothing.
  • Guys are to wear belts.
  • Women must wear a bra at all times.
  • No shorts shorter than the fingertips when arms are relaxed at individual’s sides.
  • No tops exposing the tummy.
  • No low cut tops.
  • Tank tops are allowed, but straps must be three inches.


  • Linens are provided, however clients may bring twin sized linens if they prefer.
  • Please bring your own pillow. We have discovered individuals sleep better with the pillow they are used to.
  • We provide 1 washcloth and 1 bath towel. If more are desired, including a hand towel, clients may bring additional ones.
  • Laundry services are provided free of charge.

Alarm Clock

  • It is a necessity! Please bring one.


  • Clients may bring over the counter medications, such as ibuprofen, vitamins, etc.
  • A 30 day supply of any prescription medicines. If refills are necessary, the client must have money for the co-payment.
  • All medications will be kept in the residential office and monitored by the staff.
  • ShareHouse provides Tylenol and Advil upon nursing approval.

Phones, Tablets, & Laptops

  • ShareHouse allows cell phones, laptops, and tablets on a controlled basis.


  • To receive permission to operate a motor vehicle you will need to provide proof of a current insurance, registration, and a valid driver’s license.

Legal Identification

  • Clients should bring a picture ID.


  • Clients may bring a 19” or smaller TV, cable cords, and a VCR/DVD.

Items NOT permitted

  • Energy drinks
  • Computers
  • Cameras
  • Exercise equipment, including weights
  • Video gaming systems
  • E-cigs
  • Firearms