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Treatment University

Advanced Care

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Since 1975, ShareHouse has offered advanced care for individuals needing services for Substance Use and Mental Health disorders. ShareHouse has 87 beds in an apartment like environment with amenities like a wellness room, onsite spiritual care services, and food services. ShareHouse’s Residential services are personalized to meet the needs of each individual through utilization of a Treatment University. ShareHouse is able to offer a range of levels of care including from High, Medium, and Low Intensity, Partial Hospitalization, and Recovery Living.

Treatment University Groups

Anger Management

Distress Tolerance Skills

Intro to Family

Nontraditional Recovery


Shame in Recovery

Thinking Reports

Community Meeting (Gender Specific)

HIR Group (Saturday)

Men in Recovery

Recovery Education

Substances and the Body

Thinking for Change

Recovery and the 12 Steps

Core Groups

Recovery Essentials Group

Spirituality Group

Women in Recovery

Seeking Safety

Treatment Tips